Would you like to save time, save money, reduce the amount of chemicals in your home and make your life much easier doing the tedious task of laundry? The Cleanomart Laundry System may be your answer.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry

At Cleanomart, each piece of clothing goes through a tailor made 7-Stage individual cleaning method in the retail store itself by a well trained team of washing specialists. Cleanomart is doing much more than taking out just the physical dirt. The team gives attention on its core value ‘Live Clean’ which stands for clearness in store operations, hygienic cleaning and better customer service. At Cleanomart stores, customers get a full understanding of the treatment of their garment, and so the customer feels totally at ease. One of the unique offerings of Cleanomart’s quality services includes refining of a cleaning solvent after each cycle to make sure and keep up highest hygiene levels.
To maintain quality, store operations are conked out into different stations and at each station quality checks take place. The first stage is where the garment is inspected, following which it goes to blot treatment station where each blot is removed with care. Moving on, it goes to steam pressing and then packing. At each station, the person who handles the garment checks the quality of the previous station before sending it ahead. At the time of garment delivery at the counter, the customer receives the garment on a hanger or folded so that they can individually check the quality and can share feedback and remarks consequently.


The Cleanomart wash and fold service provide a one-stop solution for all the care that your clothes needs not only to residential customers, but also commercial clients.

    The Wash & Fold Services in Easy Steps

  • We pick up the clothes from your home or office.
  • The clothes are washed and folded based on your preference.
  • Next the clothes will be neatly folded and packed in the complimentary bags.

Designer Wear Care

Cleanomart is the most trusted wardrobe manager for designers and fashion houses because of the care and attention given to each garment in addition to its most advanced technology developed by its in-house team of experts. India has a rich heritage of beautiful and colorful garments and textiles. Hence Cleanomart has developed special treatments to clean these garments with deep understanding of fabric, embellishment & embroidery work etc. And in-store team gets extensive training at each level for best results with consistent quality.

Express Service

Let it be a pre-scheduled meeting, a surprise date or even a last minute flight; Cleanomart ensures you look your stunning best with its Express service to handle your last minute emergencies. Cleanomart is the only dry-cleaner in India which provides perfectly finished garments in just 2 hours as part of its Express Cleaning Service.

Upholstery Care

Be it silk curtains, rugs or carpets, Cleanomart gives the best cleaning and maintenance solutions to your precious upholstery covers to ensure clean and fresh experience at home for a much longer time.

We have an excellent range of curtain poles, tracks and blind systems plus fabrics by Prestigious fabrics with many suitable for upholstery which will allow you to have that complete finish to your home. We stock a variety of price ranges to suit most budgets whilst still giving that exceptional finish and look.

Our soft furnishing experts are able to produce curtains to an excellent standard of finish due to working in the field for numerous years. We have a great many projects to our name with many happy clients.

For those of you who wish to have a go at making your own curtains please feel free to pop in for any advice that you may need as we will be more than happy to help. (See our courses page for further information)


We offer a full alteration service which includes almost everything you can think of as our skilled tailors and seamstresses can turn their hand to many things due to their extensive experience. Here is an example of the kinds of alterations you can expect, if you have something that you don’t see on this list please give us a call to discuss it and I’m sure that we’ll be able to help in some way.

  • Trouser/ skirt/ dress hemming.
  • Waistband adjustments.
  • Seat adjustments.
  • Sleeve shortening.
  • Suit tailoring.